”The Quartet shines!”

“From hardswinging bebop to quiet jazz.” /Norrbottens-Kuriren 2013

”A young guitarplayer should ́nt be aloud to be this good! His great playing, composing and arrangements of jazzstandards makes you wanna fall of your chair.”/NSD 2013

“Dan Johansson is always a pleasure to hear in Norrbotten Big Band but this context brings out the best of him.”/NSD 2013

“So delicious harmonies, so rhythmically skilled, so incredibly responsive. This is a guy who will swing into the Swedish jazz elite!”/Norra Skåne 2010

“It is a perfect and well-balanced mix of the great masters, such as John Scofield, Pat Metheny, and Bireli Lagrene.” / Barents Sea Jazzfestival 2009/ Barentsjazz 2009

Home is recorded by the new swedish quartet named Per Ödberg Quartet. The record is named Home for a number of reasons. First of all because of the musicians; Per Ödberg has chosen among the musicians that has inspired him most and has meant a great deal to his own musical development. Per grew up in a town in the northern parts of Sweden named Luleå. Since his childhood he has had the opportunity to hear Dan Johansson’s beautiful trumpet playing in Norrbotten Big Band and Dan has since then been a source of inspiration for Per. Arne Hagström was Per’s first teacher when he began studying jazz at Framnäs college. They have since then played together in several constellations. When Per played with Christian Sundeqvist for the first time, it just took seconds before he realized that he had found a musical soulmate.

Home also aims at geography. Per now lives in Gothenburg but went home to Norrbotten to record the album. The musicians are scattered all over the country but has Norrbotten as the common denominator. Both Per and Christian studied at Framnäs music college, where Arne has been working for many years. Dan teaches regularly there and recently also Per has been teaching there. Viewing the cover carefully, you can see that it says Per Ödberg Quintet on the side. It would have been easy to take this for a misprint but in this case it has a meaning. The musicians who play on the disc may be four but nevertheless it says quintet. The fifth member stands for families and friends. The recording would not have been possible without them.
A third point of the title of the album is to express a desire to play the music that is closest to your heart. The band’s repertoire is a meeting of the contemporary and the older jazz. Per has always had his musical ideal somewhere between bebop and contemporary jazz. The music of Per Ödberg Quartet works as a bridge between the styles, without giving up musical integrity.

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